What our clients say about us

“Our experience with MCJ has resulted in a greater understanding of our specific market opportunities, better and more focused sector propositions and a business plan that has already increased our pipeline by 60%.”


“You helped me to target the right companies…It helped me to proceed further. The methodology is definitely clear to me. Your performance was really, really good and I hope to cooperate further with you this year. ”


“Recommendations were always backed up with intelligence and planning was always collaborative and engaging.”


“Michel’s knowledge and experience of the FDI world, coupled with his personal network, has been of immense benefit to us in many ways, enabling us to rapidly respond to customer and stakeholder queries.”


“Julia’s experience really helped us extract the knowledge from within our organisation and used it to shape the research we needed to do…We were able to get to insight that will now shape our communications.”


“I would like to thank you for your support and co-operation on this challenging and very interesting project! I really enjoyed working with you on this project and hope to have more opportunities to work together.”


“Michel has very strong analytical skills, long experience in economic development and deep knowledge in investor development. And besides all that he is also a very nice person to work with.”


“MCJ Lemagnen Associates has proven to be a very professional and results-oriented partner…the know-how, experience and the networks have been proven to be excellent.”


“Michel has given a strong input in training regional and county EDAs on how the FDI world works to get them to be more involved in attracting companies to invest in other regions besides the capital area.”


“Not only did they deliver all aspects of each project but they did so in an experienced, market informed and applicable way, building confidence with us that recommendations were valuable and deployable.”


“Michel has helped us to develop closer links with other countries, which has been very helpful in fostering best practice and international cooperation.”


“We got market insights and recommendations enabling us to better ‘face’ out markets with refined propositions.”


“MCJ do not try to constantly sell more services to us, focusing on what we need and which will be of greatest benefit.”