Corporate location opportunities

Corp_Location_500px_v2For businesses expanding into new countries or needing to expand, restructure or relocate existing operations, making the right decision can be complex, challenging and risky. MCJ helps companies to make better informed decisions that mitigate your risks.

Our international business growth and corporate location consultancy service is independent and cost-effective. We provide international business growth support you can rely on, including M&A and partner search and screening, location selection services, competitor intelligence and market entry studies, giving a full picture to enable your location decision-making.

You might be scouting for interesting technology start-ups or wanting to learn more about what universities have to offer to companies and how best to engage with them.

Working in close collaboration with our client, we provide tailored in-market visit programmes for companies, including scheduling meetings with companies and arranging dedicated briefings and events.

We provide corporate location benchmarking analysis to help you to identify a potential long list of locations. This is then followed by researching, scoring and ranking a locations shortlist. We also provide follow-on services from introductions to local invest-in bodies to escorted visit programs. Our service offering is complemented by our global network of expert professional service providers.

Location profiling services: our services include objective and impartial corporate location profiles. MCJ’s location profiles can be as deep or as shallow as required, reflecting your needs.

Ecosystem, sector and value-chain studies: the MCJ team has extensive experience (over 25 years) in researching and mapping industries around the world.

Since 2001 the team has worked on national, European and global benchmarking analysis in many industries for different business processes including:

  • R&D and manufacturing
  • biotechnology
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices and equipment
  • software
  • automotive
  • contact centres
  • shared services centres
  • renewable energy technologies


Since 2010, MCJ has been working in a close relationship with a key city-region IPA client providing daily dedicated support in corporate location, M&A and partner search.

”MCJ’s knowledge and experience of the FDI world, coupled with Michel’s personal network has been of immense benefit to us in many ways, enabling us to rapidly respond to customer and stakeholder queries in a way in which we could not have done without him.”

In 2015, MCJ coordinated a European visit program for a North American client. This involved a full schedule of meetings with pre-qualified companies, interested in doing business with the client; arranging meeting with relevant multipliers and organizing dedicated breakfast/evening briefings, networking events and seminars.