Global location intelligence

Global_Intel_500x333_V2Economic development and investment promotion agencies are always trying to find ways of objectively comparing their location with others in their own country and around the world. Yet in reality, many of the international rankings and benchmarking tools often replicate each other or find conflicting results for the same claimed metric.

The team at MCJ have been researching global location data and profiling locations for the last 20 years. We can help you to better understand how your location compares on the most impactful factors, focusing on tangible and reliable sources. We help you to identify and profile locations which might be competitors, partners or key targets for trade and investment.

Example –¬†For a regional investment promotion agency:

MCJ produced detailed profiling and benchmarking of three key competitor locations in four technology sectors:

  • Healthcare technologies
  • ICT
  • Nanotechnology
  • Cleantech.