Training & mentoring

Training_500px_V2Mentoring: Since 2007, the MCJ team has provided both dedicated and project-based mentoring for city, regional and national IPA/EDA executives, with a specialism in the area of FDI.

Training: MCJ has extensive experience in providing dedicated FDI training programs to IPA/EDA executives to help in areas such as investor development/aftercare; location SWOT analysis; propositions development; company targeting and research; marketing and sales strategy, information sources and media strategy.


For a city-region IPA: MCJ and its partners provided a dedicated, interactive modular support programme over a period of five months to help the client develop its FDI strategy and business plan.

“Not only did they deliver all aspects of each project but they did so in an experienced, market informed and applicable way, building confidence with us that recommendations were valuable and deployable.”

For a national EDA: MCJ has provided ongoing mentoring support to the senior management and project managers, including a series of workshop modules focused on different themes such as researching and prioritizing target companies; segmentation and profiling of existing customers, investor development/aftercare and customized propositions development. We were also involved as a key expert to provide inward investment training to regional and county development agencies.