Market research & intelligence

Mkt_res_intel_500x332_V2We are experienced business-to-business research professionals offering fully actionable market research insight and recommendations to feed into marketing and business strategy at all levels of the organisation. We have worked in organisations like yours – and on both the agency and client side of the fence – and we understand the challenges you face.

We provide bespoke market research survey design, implementation and management, including short- and long-term programmes, aimed at bringing clients genuinely useable recommendations to help move their business forward. We offer outsourced and interim market research management too, assisting customers to embed insights and good practice within the organisation over the longer term. Both MCJ partners conduct executive interviews themselves, assuring you of high quality work.

The MCJ team has many years of global experience in business customer, lost customer, supplier, key opinion former and stakeholder relationships research. We provide services ranging from a short series of qualitative, in-depth expert interviewing to comprehensive programmes and development of key performance metrics.

Our new product development, marketing communications and advertising testing services include both traditional methods and cutting-edge neuroscience techniques. We also offer lost bid research, key opinion former research, language analysis and discussion/focus groups.

“Our internal teams wanted an answer but we were struggling to get them to define what the question actually was! Julia’s experience really helped us extract the knowledge from within our organisation and used it to shape the research we needed to do and who we should do it with and to get good value. We were able to get to insight that will now shape our communications for this important audience. Throughout the whole process she has been really great to work with, very positive and helping us move forward…It’s helped put us on the right track.”