New figures released for FDI in Scotland

1 June 2017

Scotland retains top UK region status for FDI

2016 was a record-breaking year of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Scotland, according to the latest annual survey into FDI attractiveness published by EY. The 2017 EY Scotland Attractiveness Survey shows that Scotland has retained its position as the top location in the UK outside London for foreign direct investment (FDI), with investment projects up 2.5% on 2015.  As well as highlighting the record level of investment projects won by Scotland, the report also notes that Scotland now takes over 1 in 50 of all investment projects in Europe; a clear indication that Scotland is now firmly established as a location of choice for global investors.  2016 was also a strong year for Scotland in attracting R&D inward investment; with 21 individual projects, Scotland has retained its position as number one in the UK for R&D projects.  In terms of projects secured, Scotland has three cities represented in the UK top 10, with Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen featuring in fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively.

Commenting on the survey, Paul Lewis, Managing Director of Scottish Development International, said: “Scotland has a great track record as a location which holds tremendous appeal to international investors, so it’s heartening to see that position reinforced by the new EY survey, and it’s particularly welcome to hear that Scotland now wins over 1 in 50 of all investment projects into Europe.”

In terms of geographical source of FDI projects, the top five countries investing in Scotland in 2016 were the US (43 projects / 35%), France (14 projects / 11%), Germany (7 projects / 6%), Ireland (6 projects / 5%) and China (5 projects / 4%).

Source: Scottish Development International

New figures released for FDI in Scotland